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Expert Guidance for Market Entry

The Driving Difference

Any company wanting to successfully access these markets is faced with several options  – a) enter the market remotely by only selling from their home country, b) enter the market directly by opening local offices, or c) rely upon local companies. Each of these options may provide access into the markets, but does not necessarily lead to success. LatAM Soluciones’ business is to guide you to make the right determination of which path is best for your enterprise based on your experience and risk tolerance. By teaming up with LatAm Soluciones you willbenefit from decades of experience, contacts, know-how, and an excellent reputation. We thoroughly understand the complexity of the highly regulated gaming business as well as the need to maintain high ethical business standards.

Navigating Partnership Options

Forms of relationships

Our preferred form of relationship with prospective partners is a formal exclusive distributorship. This exclusivity may include as much or as little of the Latin American market as makes sense for both companies. For established companies with a measurable demand (market share) in their current markets, we are willing to create a traditional distributor relationship where we simply make annual quantity commitments for a known price discount. However, for other companies that might just be getting started in Latin America we suggest an exclusive relationship that more evenly divides the risk as we work to open markets and assist in development of their product. In many ways, our assistance will help our new partners produce a product that is appealing in many markets, not just in Latin America. As another option, LatAM Soluciones is prepared to be engaged on a contract or consultancy basis.

Decades of Expertise


LatAM Soluciones currently maintains a network of employees, representatives, business partners, and associations throughout Latin America. The beginnings of this network began in 2001. The team includes locally experienced lawyers, importers, business owners, sales representatives, and technicians. This team works closely every day to ensure that the correct and most efficient processes are followed so that current objectives are met in a timely manner. The Latin American market can be quite challenging with fluid changes to regulations, laws, and governments. This is where the breadth of our experience is extremely beneficial; we know when it is most likely time to advance and when to hold. The most critical part of our experience is knowing which customers we should do business with and how. Like everywhere else in the world, not all customers are as they seem. Sometimes the biggest customers are not necessarily the best to do business with. 

LatAM Soluciones traces its gaming and business experience back to 1984. The roots start in Nevada but extend throughout the Americas and across to Australasia. Over the decades and throughout the world we have held many gaming licenses, sold countless products, and owned/operated slot halls, slot routes, and casinos. We have extensive experience in product development, market development, game configuration, and regulatory requirements.

Grow Your Business with Us

Whether you are looking to expand into Latin America or improve your gaming products anywhere in the world, LatAM Soluciones stands ready to assist any stage or any size company.